“I’ll never do that”

I'm not good at taking advice that's saidΒ over me. I'm sure I'm not the only one, though. When I was around the age of 17 or 18, my best friend's mother told me that I should "never say never." This was in context to me talking about dating a boy - you can imagine I … Continue reading “I’ll never do that”


Another passion of mine, that I don't get to talk about quite as often as writing is designing. I guess I have always just really loved art. This evening, I updated my graphic design page with two little graphics I made--they are very small, butΒ they are going to be used on the official Xbox (Microsoft … Continue reading Designing

Updates Are Fun

Top of the cut TL;DR: I have submitted a piece about Animal Crossing to Pure Nintendo Magazine. I want to write more pieces in the future. I did more editing with my friend Savannah--an English major and journalism junkee like myself. The pieces edited are going to be sent into CreativeNonfiction.org and The Sun soon. … Continue reading Updates Are Fun

Day Off Writing

Today I headed outside, and then I realized it was about 85-degrees. I had every intention of going to a nearby cafe that I love (and donut shop) and sit there and write. I have pieces I needed to comb through, update and write. Instead of heading up a steep hill to break a sweat … Continue reading Day Off Writing