Layout Design

Below you will find my work in layout design. My hope is that you will get an understanding for my voice and  style from the past and recent examples below:

I have been commissioned for an email newsletter in the past, and I’ve designed a few for my own use. You can find these designs (and their drafts) here.

The design above is a welcome email that was designed for the Xbox Ambassadors Program, (Microsoft Corporation). More about the program here. The images used were originally created by Sarah “Chip” Nixon for the website. We re-appropriated the header images in Adobe Photoshop CSS to create the header seen at the top and the three images in the middle, divided to link to the different sections of the Xbox Ambassadors website. The coding was done from scratch, and manipulated using and Visual Studio. In the slideshow below you will find every drafted incarnation of the welcome email as designed by me.

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This is a weekly, email newsletter designed for a Ravenclaw (Harry Potter) forum I admin. This particular style was run for about six weeks before the updated newsletter, and move to a monthly edition. (Info on the new monthly design coming soon.)

Below is my senior seminar project, designed using Adobe Indesign CS6.

The assignment was to create an 8-page publication under a list of guidelines that followed a chosen thesis/topic. I decided to show not just how journalism is changing from print to multimedia, but how Millennials studying and entering the field can help make the transition a success.

I designed the entire project from scratch, curating photos, sources/quotes. I interviewed each source, wrote each piece, designed every page, did all of the graphics editing and copy-editing:

Below is a design internship I held during the summer of 2012, designing from scratch VSU’s undergraduate research journal Omnino using Adobe Indesign CS6. The pieces were given to me after they were peer reviewed by the university organization, and I created the book that was eventually printed and given out to the campus/contributors.

As well as the two larger projects above, as editor for the independent, student newspaper The Spectator, part of the editorial staff’s job was to copy-edit and design a weekly newspaper. Below is an example of broadsheet I designed during my time as Editor-in-Chiefdesigned using QuarkXpress 9. (You can find more issues linked below these examples.)

Other issues of The Spectator of which I designed the front page and lead the rest of the staff to do:

11.21.13 | 11.14.13 | 11.7.13 | 10.31.13 | 10.17.13 | 10.3.13 | 9.26.13 | 9.12.13 | 8.29.13 | 8.22.13