Print Design

Above is my senior seminar project, designed using Adobe Indesign CS6. The assignment was to create an 8-page publication under a list of guidelines that followed a chosen thesis/topic. I decided to show not just how journalism is changing from print to multimedia, but how Millennials studying and entering the field can help make the transition a success. We live and breathe multimedia as those born into the internet age. The idea came to me after I spent the summer prior at MSCNE13 (Management Seminar for College News Editors, 2013) in Athens, Ga. I designed the entire project from scratch, curating photos, sources/quotes. I interviewed each source, wrote each piece. Designed the entire project, did all of the graphics editing and copy-editing. The final piece was submitted to my adviser, Dr. Patricia Miller, and my seminar professor/adviser, Dr. Donna Sewell.

Below is a design internship I held during the summer of 2012, designing from scratch VSU’s undergraduate research journal Omnino using Adobe Indesign CS6. The pieces were given to me after peer-reviewed by the university organization, and I created the book that was eventually printed and given out to the campus/contributors.

Below are two examples of broadsheet I designed during my time as Managing Editor & Editor-in-Chief for Valdosta State University’s independent student newspaper, The Spectator all designed using QuarkXpress 9. (You can find more issues linked at the bottom.)

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Other issues of The Spectator of which I designed the front page and lead the rest of the staff to do:

11.21.13 | 11.14.13 | 11.7.13 | 10.31.13 | 10.17.13 | 10.3.13 | 9.26.13 | 9.12.13 | 8.29.13 | 8.22.13