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Graphic Design

I have spent the last 15 years creating graphics and working with web design. What you’ll find here is a culmination of the most recent years’ content.

Below is a slideshow of work that I did for others for either completely recreational use, or use on a website or blog:

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Below are my examples of design for personal web presence–logos, buttons, headers, email signatures, html skins, etc. The designs were made for personal use, but show my ability to design for branding and professional use in various styles:


In 2016, I flexed my design muscles to create a few Snapchat geofilters. Not only was it a fun experience, and experiment with transparency and how designs can work with several backdrops, but seeing people on Snapchat using them was the coolest feeling. (And being able to use them myself.)

The following are graphics made for personal, recreational use and not commissioned. They vary between role-playing/forum post templates, forums signatures, forums avatars, playlist covers, Tumblr meme,s wallpapers and online event flyers–you may also find some headers for Tumblr accounts, etc., that I do own that I do not consider a professional brand so they are included below instead:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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