Graphic Design

My style has changed over the years, when it comes to graphic art and photo manipulation.

Here you will find a variety of styles from the minimalist to the more complex. Alongside all of the graphics and images on this website as well as my blog being created by me (unless otherwise stated), I also have spent the last 12 years creating graphics–most were crude in the beginning, of course. What you’ll find here is a culmination of the last 3 years of content.

First: The following are various-styled headers for blogs and websites I have created either for myself or a community.

Second: The following are graphics that were not commissioned, made for personal/recreational use. They were all primarily made through different versions of Adobe Photoshop over the years. Most of them are photo manipulations, but some extend beyond just basic photo manipulations. They vary between role-playing templates, forums signatures and avatars, 8tracks playlist covers, wallpapers and personal, online event flyers. There’s even an old photo manipulation of me from 2012 mixed into the bunch (back when I didn’t quite make it half a year into a 365 project).


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