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Let’s make working together easier!

If you are interested in editing work, I can provide critiques and edits of prose that can help bolster your confidence in writing and work going forward! I’m not someone who is satisfied with a one time fix. I like to help educate and push someone’s work to its fullest potential.

Your writing is your own! I’m not here to take that away from you.

If you are interested in my writing, I work hard to meet all expectations of my clients with fully-researched and proofread content. I focus on a balance between my personal goals, your needs as the client, and the needs of the target audience.

My writing will engage and excite your audience!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find samples of your work?
    • All samples of my work can be found here (writing and otherwise).
  • Where else might your writing be published?
  • What genre do you write most often for?
    • I have the most experience in gaming reviews, restaurant reviews and feature profiles.
    • Additional experience includes research articles, fandom and writing-related blog posts, long-form fiction, nonfiction essays and poetry.
  • What are the styles you can primarily edit for again?
    • AP, MLA, APA. But I’m flexible! Just let me know what you need, and I can also provide some of my favorite resources.
  • What might you consider an unreasonable request?
    • While I don’t like to say anything a client asks may be unreasonable, I do like to set clear expectations with them.
    • Particularly in editing, no editing job is a thing of magic or miracle. If you provide me something that’s a last-minute rush job, editing won’t fill in the gaps for you. I don’t write for someone.
    • However, I can make what you have concise and clear so your argument is stronger. But I have had students come to me hours before their deadline with rushed work, and they are less than thrilled when my edits cut down their prose. It’s important to be honest and reasonable with not only yourself but your editor. I can get you a stronger paper, but I can’t make your paper longer for you if all you want is a word count. I’m here to help educate and refine your already brilliant work!
  • So you’re not willing to do quick turnarounds?
    • I absolutely can! It’s just worth emphasizing that editing can truncate word count, so if you need the words, provide me with more than you need, and I can work around that.
  • Do you charge by hour or by word?
    • We can negotiate that type of pricing and look at both, but usually my estimates are by word. I use a lower-end word-rate so my prices stay affordable for you!
  • Are there any hidden extra fees?
    • Nope! And I’ll make sure to fully explain any fluctuations in prices, depending on the work you’re looking for, ahead of time.
  • Can I leave you a tip?
    • I never ask for it, but my Ko-fi account would certainly appreciate the love! No pressure, though.