You might have noticed that this website got a face lift! It’s all part of the plan. I’ve taken some design liberties – combining my overall layout goals for this website and matching it to my old blog. You read that right: old. You might have already noticed there are quite a few more posts here that didn’t used to be.

I’ve moved house! I actually really love Blogger, and my heart beats for our Internet Titan Google. But the fact of the matter is, I pay for this portfolio, and writing for several different places can be… exhausting.

Recently I started a new work schedule, and that means I’ve been a little haywire, trying to find a new routine and rework how and when I function. To recoup from the stress of this shake-up, I’ve taken a vow of social media silence for the next week – save for this blog, I guess, if you consider it a social medium. With that social media break, I also needed to re-examine how stretched out across the internet I am. We should be using the spaces we naturally commute to more effectively rather than whispering into the darkness of multiple apps and sites, right? Well, the first big step was to retire my blog of 10 years and redirect here.

I did a massive spring cleaning for most of the posts that hold very little meaning to me, and imported the remainder. I also really appreciate WordPress for making that so easy! I couldn’t believe how little work I had to do.

(Hopefully my Blogger friends will find me again here – I miss you already.)

I’ve always known what direction I wanted to go in for this portfolio, in terms of the look and feel. After taking inspiration from like… 20 different websites of creators I adore, I finally settled on what you see now.

Overall, I think this will be a massive relief. I don’t like feeling as if I’m tooΒ everywhere online, because then I have this nagging feeling that I need to be contributing to all those places. (I mean, it’s nice to know I snagged “dearjenna” in certain places, but even they are just more insurance than need.)

Over time, there may be some change to the front page, like the main image or even the logo/banner, but I’m liking where I’m at now. I feel good. Just trying to make sure I take myself more seriously and make more space for myself – both professionally and just in life.

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