Project Updates

It has been quite some time since I have made an update here, but I wanted to make sure that anyone reading was aware of my three main projects as of late… Okay, four if you bundle up all of the writing projects I have going at the same time. A couple of these you probably already knew about, but they are going strong, and it’s about time I highlight them more:

Thyme & Again is my latest venture. I have had a cooking blog before, I even attempted incorporating it into my personal blog some time ago, but that didn’t quite work out the way I intended – at least not for a consistent spotlight. But Thyme & Again has so far been fruitful, so much so that I’ve been connecting with other food bloggers through Instagram and putting myself out there with this project even more. I have a lot of series, recipes, how-to’s, reviews and educational posts planned for Thyme & Again, so go subscribe now!

I’ve absolutely mentioned Femme Trash before, my podcast with my best friend Melody Boggs. If you haven’t heard about it, Femme Trash is an entertainment/comedy podcast where my best friend and I talk about books, music, movies, TV, gaming, and anything that falls under the umbrella of entertainment. If you’re looking for a podcast for your commute, downtime or time at work, that will make you smile and get you into something new, then check us out! Available with most major podcast providers.

Finally, Within Walking Distance is a podcast with an accompanying Instagram! Two best friends, Ariel and Jennifer, take adventures in our respective towns and share those adventures with each other. From there, just whatever else naturally flows in the conversation happens. We’re about relaxing and having a good laugh at the mess we get into. Our conversations range from wild adventures we’ve had, pop culture, politics, breaking news, academia and casual conversation. Give us a follow – available with most major podcast providers.

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