I just got back from a cruise where my favorite parts – beyond the food, the view, the sun and the family – was my stop in Belize where 1 to 2-hours inland, we explored some Mayan ruins. I even climb some of the ruins to the very top where I got a large view of the entire remains.

I remember learning all about Mayan history – that of which we know – when I was in school, and it always fascinated me. That was probably one of my favorite history lessons back when I was younger. I never expected, when I was told I was going on a cruise with my in-laws, that I would get the chance to see it all up-close.

Beyond that, this last week was more than needed, and it was so nice to be so disconnected and far away from everything. I literally didn’t have a chance to even worry about work or life outside of where I was.

Make sure you take enough time for yourself this year.

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4 thoughts on “Cruisin’

  1. Beautiful photos! I would love to someday see the Mayan Ruins. I have only been on one cruise and it was the Weezer cruise and it was basically just a bunch of nerds partying, not that it wasn't fun, but this looks so beautful!

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