Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festivals)

I really love summer festivals. Coming from the south, it’s one of the few things about the summer heat that is worth bearing, in my opinion.

I think everywhere tries to capitalize on summer festivals, but southern towns really love spring and summer festivals; it’s basically what you live for down there. I miss the Geranium Festival in Georgia, and Savannah talked about her Blueberry Festival in Alabama.

Most of the festivals and fairs here are more geared specifically to the arts, and less about the art of festivals, but it’s a great chance to get out, meet new vendors and spend some time in the sun. Plus, in Bellevue, the tall skyscrapers and buildings make for a lot more shade.

Savannah and I headed toward a nearby arts festival today – having found out that it was in town just last night. (We also missed a Sailor Moon Day that was apparently happening, but *crosses fingers* I hope it’s there next year.)

There were clog dancers, percussionists, tarot and palm readers, painters, glass blowers, jewelry makers, other creatives and fabric sellers… And a lot of food. She got a nice wooden cribbage board, I got a candle that smells like honeysuckle – another nostalgic summertime thing for me – and we bought garlic peppercorn popcorn at a gourmet popcorn stand.

When we were done, we found a really nice place for dinner with a “dinner board.” At first I thought the price of $26 was too much, but then they brought out the board…

We stuffed ourselves.

There were blackberries, cherries, raspberries, roasted bread, beet hummus, garbanzo bean hummus, olives, sardines, salami, prosciutto, almonds, cured sausage, cheeses and a “meatloaf” pate.

Now if only I had a backyard with honeysuckle in it.

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