ILY, Ariel

Ariel left last Saturday shortly after my posts about our first episode of our new podcast, and her flying in to see me. I’ve been wanting to sit down and talk about how much fun we had, but I immediately jumped back into work the second she left. Let me just tell you, I could have kept her for another month.

Ariel has always been one of those kindhearted and careful people that never feels like her being there disrupts the flow of your life. We laughed and talked the entire time she was here – and that’s honestly such an accomplishment for two introverts such as ourselves. At one point, when she went to bed before me, and I walked into the office with Tripp (who had been in hiding from our chatter and Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon), I realized that that walk back to the office and pulling up Tumblr was the first few moments of silence I had experienced since she had been there.

Tripp’s response: Oh, I know! You two won’t stop! 

We walked all over Redmond, several days in a row, and even matched one day – almost by accident, then on purpose – and took to writing and exploring some shops in a nearby shopping mall that had a nice seating area by an artificial fireplace on that breezy day. I probably ran her ragged with all the little places we explored, but with walking being my favorite thing to do (and being confined to a one-car household), I couldn’t let her experience Redmond without experiencing Redmond the way I do every week!

The sun was even nice enough to occasionally come out and play while she was here.

All parts of the time off with Ariel were the best, but one of the best parts was taking Ariel to Seattle to show her Pike Place Market, get some Beecher’s cheese curds and have brunch at Biscuit Bitch. On the bus ride there and back we enjoyed one of our favorite podcasts The Read, and Ariel got to see us cross Puget Sound.

We even found two little bookstores around Seattle before we headed back, and that’s where Ariel snapped this shot of me at this charming nook.

Ariel tried to lie to me and say that I won for the coolest place to live, but I still love Savannah, Ga., with all my heart. Hopefully I can make it to her this year or next once my vacation time builds back up – oh, the “woes” of full-time working status.

I miss her dearly and wish she was still here, but after not being able to hug her for nearly four years, that was one of the best weeks I’ve had this year to date. I hope she feels the same. 

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4 thoughts on “ILY, Ariel

  1. <3<3<3
    You are so good to me! I had the best time exploring your city(cities) with you! Come visit whenever you want, you're always welcome in my guest bedroom.

    Also, yes–I love that hanging out with other introverts doesn't get exhausting. There were moments when we were on the couch and I realized we'd both been zoned out on our phones or with the TV, and it made me so happy that we can just be 🙂

  2. I loved this little mini-tour! It's always fun when people come in from out of town and you just have to show them EVERYTHING!!

    Your friend lives in Savannah?? Tell her if she ever stops in Brighter Day to say hello!


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