My Advice: Take a Break

Recently, I setup a cadence on my calendar that blocks off every other Wednesday free of appointments, work meetings, time with friends, errands or chores. If someone were to check it, they’d see the word “BREAK” written on that day, for the entire day, and my availability void.

Every now and then, I’ve found I have to do a bit of digital cleanse – give myself a vacation from the world.

Maybe you can’t relate, but I find that I’m a bit too wrapped up in the political climate, what I’m doing when I am online, or what’s going on beyond me. I don’t suffer from much “FOMO” or feel like I’m recording more than I’m experiencing, but I do feel as if I can get wound very tightly by the state of things. Stress can exist outside of yourself.

Since setting up the cadence of time for myself, yesterday was the first day I lived through it.

I turned off all app notifications on my phone, and set my texts to silent – just in case someone did need to get in touch with me, but I didn’t want it to interrupt the flow of my day. And aside from actually getting on my computer to write, there was hardly any interaction with digital devices or with much of anyone. (And I was disconnected from my network while writing, so ha ha if you think I cheated during that time.)

It was great to just focus on myself and what I wanted to do, and not feel like I needed to look down and keep up with the pace of the world. I read a book, a few comics, relaxed on the couch, and went to the mall. It was the best Wednesday off I had had in a while.

If you haven’t done it yet, my advice to you is to setup some time (because we live in that type of world) to give yourself a break. You deserve it.

2 thoughts on “My Advice: Take a Break

  1. I've really been meaning to try this! I can't do the work week, but maybe on a random Saturday when I've got nothing else to do.

    Can't wait to see you! ā¤

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