Move in 2017

In the year 2017, we are seeing a lot of people in my age bracket and above trying to make change rather than wait for the change to happen around them. As if it all happens by magic. Change requires action.

I have missed a few events due to other obligations or the need to step away – for example, a few women in my immediate life chose to use the Women’s March for self care, which is just as important – but I don’t want to let that continue.

There are votes and issues that matter to me. I think they’ve always mattered, but I finally feel like I have a voice with them. And I have so many friends who aren’t going to not be involved either. Because of them, I am more than a little inspired.

So I’m asking you all to care, too. Be part of something bigger and make change for future generations and yourself.

Here are some things I’m starting with:

  • – This allows you to part in the votes in the Senate & House that could affect our lives very directly. Here, you can reach out and implore that your representative really do what they can to represent you. It allows you the comfort ability of scripts, if you’re scared to speak on your own, and direct numbers for your region’s representatives. Make those calls. Let them know how much you care about what’s happening.
  • Women’s March – I missed this last one, but there will be more (fortunately and unfortunately), so make sure you’re there for your friends and family and yourself.
  • Black Lives Matter – Too often do majorities show out for the Instagram-able demonstrations, but not for any others. And I’m not going to be counted among them. I have some friends that are practically family who are deeply affected by BLM & the events that caused the movement to take flight.
  • Planned Parenthood – In the US, Planned Parenthood is quickly nearing the top of the list of the most threatened organizations for healthcare and parenthood help for women and families in the country. There are also support groups and organizations cropping up to help the funding and the access to their resources in communities. Let’s start helping and volunteering!
  • Self care/care for others – Take days for yourself and spend time caring for your loved ones. This is important just on a basic human need, but I think right now if you have someone who is hurting because of the political climate or just personal issues/relationships, make sure you are there for them. Even if they seem fine, be there.

I also want to continue with my hopes to work more closely with my local library system and to possible extend that into reading programs. There is a lot of work to be done, and if I can make even a small bit of a difference somewhere, I’ll know that I have done something right.

Join me in making moves in 2017.

What things have you already done and want to continue to do this year? 

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