We’re at the halfway mark. I am not at my halfway goal, though. Do you think I can make up for lost time all in two days? This is the middle of the race, after all.

Despite falling a bit behind, I’m feeling good about my idea, my pace, my inspiration and the fact that I’m even doing it. So here are the tips I have for you that have helped me…

Making the most of NaNoWriMo:

  1. This video by Savannah Brown on writer’s block, and having her confirm all that I already knew, but sometimes we need to hear.
  2. When the couch makes me sleepy and unproductive, or Netflix is too easily within reach, I change my environment.
    • This can either mean changing the actual environment that I’m in – going out for a walk through town and settling somewhere new to write is a favorite pastime of mine – or just rearranging the room I am in to give it a new vibe.
      • If I stay in, my favorite thing to do so far has been setting up the living room with the following:
        • Candles lit nearby for ambiance.
        • Put on an hours-long stream of a crackling fireplace on my console/TV that plays in front of me to set the mood.
        • Put on a study music playlist in the background. This one has lately been my favorite.
  3. Doing NaNo sprints, or #nanosprints as you may know it
    • I setup my environment, or do wherever I am, then set a timer on my phone for 30 minutes. I will do 30 minutes of sprinting – writing as much as I can. Then I break for 5 minutes, standing up and moving around or just checking texts/emails to get my mind off of it, then I jump back into it.
    • I do this until I get tired of writing. My record has been 3 hours. I want to go for longer soon.
  4. Chatting on the NaNoWriMo forums and making friends/writing buddies. It’s so good to build your circle of support online and with your peers nearby.


What has been helping you?

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