Snapchat is such a weird social experiment, no? But when I have such great friends all being dumb together on the app, it makes it worthwhile.

The other day I submitted an idea for a Geofilter for my area. Lo and behold, it is there! I’m so happy to see my work on a highly visible app like this one. Here’s an example of it:

It’s so crazy to see this on the app and know I made it. I learned a lot about the limitations of designing for a product like this – and my design is far from flawless, but that just makes me all the more excited for my next project. I know what white-space is needed, I know how to make the wording legible for all cases and uses, and I know what looks best as a transparency against an actual picture.

Anyway, it’s fun to get my graphic designing kicks in somewhere visible like this. I will be doing more in the near future. And if you want me to design any for your business/location, just contact me!

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