Vacation III: That Time I Cut My Hair

THAT TIME I CUT MY HAIR! While things have been very busy for us – three days in Valdosta, three days in Atlanta, and soon to be a trip to Universal Studios – we have been doing our best to see as much family as we can, while occasionally slipping in some friend time that we can. But really, that’s been incredibly limited. What time we did have to devote, there were a few people on our list we knew we needed to hit that were basically family. My best friend Chelsea was one of them. And, per our conversation some months ago, Chelsea cut my hair into a “layered lob” for the summer! This is the shortest my hair has been in years. (Seriously, I think I was a kid the last time, and it was only this short because my mom was tired of how thick my hair was and made me cut it off.) It’s a strange adjustment, but I’m really loving it. I’m sure that I will let it grow out again, though. For context, this is what my hair looked like before while straightened, at least (you can also see it in previous posts). It’s so nice to have something so low maintenance now.

In addition to that time with Chelsea, I had a dinner with her family – who are basically my second or third-family – met up with an old professor, and spent a lot of time with Tripp’s family. I touched on that in my last post, but I definitely left out the trips to Zaxby’s, Chick-Fil-A, only hinted at the trip to Cracker Barrel, making time for a lunch with a friend at Barberitos, and how I still feel like there’s 20-million other places that we haven’t been that I would like to go back to before we leave. Since arriving in Atlanta, the focus has been on my family, and having a nice brunch with Melody and her – now our – friends Liz and Victoria at a place in Griffin. When people visit me, our focus point for a visit is around food. Either I am cooking you something, we’re cooking together, or we’re hitting up a great spot together. I did not expect the same treatment. Honestly, I was content and hopeful for those places we’ve missed. But Melody surprised me by taking me to Griffin for a place called Baker Street Cafe that had an excellent pimento, cheese and tomato eggs Benedict. I almost threw down on a mimosa because hey-o its brunch! But I was doing that thing on my list in my last post about catching up on my water intake, so I didn’t have time. My parents even took us to a place in Madison called Town 220 that I’m really surprised isn’t in Seattle somewhere. It seems like it’d be a great fit. Their crab cakes starter and their veal entree just melted in your mouth. It’s been so nice coming home. Even if the heat is slowly killing us. I just wish I had enough foresight to get more pictures of more people.

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