Another passion of mine, that I don’t get to talk about quite as often as writing is designing. I guess I have always just really loved art.

This evening, I updated my graphic design page with two little graphics I made–they are very small, but they are going to be used on the official Xbox (Microsoft Corporation) forums. That is probably the most exciting part.

While it is a small thing to make, it is yet another thing to add to my profile that I have done, which makes me happy. These badges will affect the hardcore community members of those forums who go there every day and help out the community or just interact on a daily basis the other members across Xbox Live. I hope they enjoy the small but vibrant change.

And while nothing has been completed, I am actually working on a big design project that will be blasted to all newcomers of the official Xbox Ambassadors Program: a welcome email/newsletter when users join the program.

I have been playing with several designs and did a bunch of coding for it. I can already say that I’ve learned a lot more about email template coding than I did before. I haven’t received feedback on my latest submitted design yet, but I hope they enjoy the direction I am going in. I’ll post that newsletter to my layout section when it is completed and being used.

As for writing, I’m still doing it. Recently my schedule just went back to normal, so I am doing my best to get all of my usual routine back into place–personally and professionally. After having submitted quite a few pieces to The Sun Magazine a few weeks back, I’ve kind of sat idle in writing, because I felt accomplished I had put those out into the world, vulnerable to acceptance or rejection. But I can’t sit still for too long. The rest of the writing world won’t wait for me.

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