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On Reading

Every book I own, I destroy with margin notes–those little pesky scribbles you might find if you pick up a book from a used book store. That’s why I often hold onto my books. I don’t want to forget what those words meant to me. I want to remember how they passed through me, moved me, enveloped me and overwhelmed me.

I had a friend who innocently Tweeted how she found the love to consume knowledge and information through reading invaluable; she wanted others to explore reading more, as well. For reasons I’m not sure why, someone decided to attack her intentions and assume she meant that reading was the only way to ingest knowledge. As a fan of broadcasts, podcasts and interactive media, like me, she wouldn’t dare to say that reading was the only valuable way. Maybe that person just didn’t understand what she meant–maybe they were proving her point in that they should spend more time reading to fully grasp her conjugation.

Reading may not be for everyone, but please do not take it for granted if you can read and comprehend the information you’re ingesting. It’s a skill, not innate. There are so many people on your own street, or in more impoverished countries, where the educational system is failing them and they don’t have the ability to grasp what knowledge and life can be found in the written word.

And if you have the chance to share that with someone else, do it.


This month, Goodreads asked me what my yearly goal was, and I said 56. I’m partly ambitious, but really I had just already made a list of books I’d like to finally sit down and read (or finish) and that was how many ended up on that list. If you haven’t set a goal for yourself, you can here.

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  1. I think people just like to complain about anything. There is no way that what she tweeted meant what that other person thought she mean, and that's ridiculous.

    I love that you write in your books! Sometimes I'll be in the middle of reading and think, “Man, I really wish I had a highlighter laying around!” I should start doing so, but I'm just so afraid of marking my books. I now realize that maybe they would be even more valuable to me if I made the most important parts of them more apparent to others.

    My goal this year is 30 books! 56 is definitely a high one, but you can do it!

  2. I got stuck on that type of markups system because of school. Some people like their books to be super crisp and clean pages, which is really nice, too.

    And I have no idea if I'll hit that goal, but the list are books I keep saying I'll read and never do so… Time to do it.

  3. My last time, I read a book was around 3 month ago. The book is about a true journey of a Malay lady travelling alone to Afghanistan.

    When i read old book (1960-1980) that belonged to my uncle. He also make a little note inside the book. But almost of my book is clean.

    My target this year is 6 books. It high enough for me.

  4. After years of being forced to read (and annotate) books and academic literature at uni, I've recently fallen back in love with reading, but could never write in a book again! My goal for 2016 is 52 books… which I've realised might be a tad ambitious.

    Cherishing the ability to read and my exposure to books (libraries, second-hand stores, book exchanges, friends who lend books) is something I'm trying to do more lately. Encouraging others to support their local libraries and read (or watch or listen to) whatever they enjoy is something I'm kinda passionate about 😉

  5. I am basically a book nun- I will not touch the inside pages with any sort of highlighter or pens because it distract me very easily. I was especially like this about all the Bibles I've owned in my lifetime. However, I'm a fan of notebooks/journals and have one (or 4) for every occasion. (I own like over 200 notebooks- I literally do have crates of them lol) but anyways it does make more sense to have them written in the book themselves because that way they are easier to find and they are right there when you need them. As for people attacking her for her tweet.. that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. people love to argue about anything nowadays

  6. I could definitely see that. When I was younger I never understood it, until I got into a higher grade in high school where we discussed margin notes, really explicating literature and other authors who did the same. Then I started getting in the habit of it when I had to write essays and research papers on the content. ♡

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