January Sun

I’ve noticed something about the sun. (And I still can’t believe that we have sun in January. In Washington.)

The sun brings inspiration! 

Sunny days, even cold and sunny days, remind me of days where you’re out and about with friends, running errands you don’t hate and writing on your terrace or back porch with a glass of sweet tea or your favorite coffee. When you haven’t seen the sun in a while, and it does come out in winter and spring, it feels so uplifting.

My week has been a bit up and down, but the sun has turned it around each time. Wednesday it was very sunny and 50-degrees–which is a huge step-up from what it has been–and despite feeling a little under the weather, I convinced myself a walk through town was what I needed. I got a doughnut and peppermint mocha from my favorite doughnut shop, found a college favorite on clearance at the local book store, and made it all the way back home in time to relax on the couch with the feeling that I had a full day in the sun. In fact, my sinuses actually opened up after that day out.

The sun also reminds me of spring and summer festivals in my hometown. The downtown square was the perfect place for all of the best festivals and events, and the sun hanging over us (while hot) made the day bright and merry.

Today, the sun is out again, but I’m at work, unfortunately. I say “unfortunately” only because I would love to steal my best friend from her office right now and we take a walk through town–just walk away from the office and keep walking through town until we hit our favorite coffee shop and get a sandwich at our favorite sandwich shop and gaze at some books and records or maybe hide in a corner together and write in silence. Maybe even bring our favorite books with us.

I want to write today, I want to do today. If the sun is out, my friends, don’t waste it. Do something that will inspire your day or your art.

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