"Copper boom!"

Luke: That’s too strong.
Lorelai: No, it’s not.
Luke: No, it’s too strong
Lorelai: You’re on the phone.
Luke: Not everybody likes it that strong.
Lorelai: Well, then I shall convert them, I am the Jehovah’s coffee girl.

I’m a brew-my-own-tea kind of gal, but when it comes to coffee, I prefer to put my trust in someone else’s hands. I mean, I can make a mean coffee when I want, but usually I go for my coffee when I’m at work or out and about. When I’m at home, tea does just what I need. If I do make myself coffee in the morning or noon before work (because I am a later shift), I will get a little creative–a dash of nutmeg here, maybe top it with some foam and cinnamon for some fun. But I mean, who really has time to get that creative when you’re too busy smearing your lipstick in the mirror and frantically trying to find your phone before rushing out the door? I sure don’t.

My two favorite coffee orders come from two coffee shops. At the coffee stand at work, it’s a hot, white mocha with nonfat milk and a flavor shot of coconut. At the coffee shop downtown, it’s an Almond Joy latte with almond milk. When I was in college, religiously, I would order a venti (trenta during finals) iced coffee with half and half and a shot of toffee nut from the Starbucks stand on campus. I think I’ve told this story beforeIt was an order that I picked up from my friend. Senior year was rough, to say the least. (Sometimes I dared for the shot of hazelnut instead. I was dreamer in my youth.)

I’ve mellowed out some with my old age. That and my body rebelled on me furiously the last time I tried to partake in as much coffee as I had during my college years. (I seriously sound elderly today for a 25-year-old.) Today when I stepped up to the cafe stand at work, I was greeted with a smile from a sweet barista and a full cup of white mocha with that flavor shot of coconut that makes me smile every time. Sometimes on rainy days, when you’re trudging along, begrudgingly, with an umbrella dragging behind you into work–and all you really want is for one day of winter sun–a cup of coffee can really do wonders.

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