Guest Post: Lyndsey from ‘Dressed in Mascara’

Lyndsey and I have been blogging BEST friends for years now. And even though our blogs are vastly different–me all write-y, and she a fashion blogger–we’ve always gotten along so well. I couldn’t wait to show off this lovely gal to the rest of my readers here. So without further ado, find out more about Lyndsey now!


You can find Lyndsey’s blog, Dressed in Mascara, here:

1. Give up the details, girl! Who are you and why are you just so dang awesome?
Well, thank you!! I’m Lyndsey Meaghan- a 23 year old Georgia peach with a heart for Jesus and all things glam in the deep south. I blog over at Dressed in Mascara, where I share my latest beauty favorites as well as makeup tutorials, nail art, and my personal style. I’m down to Earth, have a SUPER big heart, and genuinely am interested in everything. Well, except things that involve jumping off of mountains or flying in airplanes. Those I can happily die without doing/being interested in, haha.

2. You’ve changed blogs over the years and added new content and features since you started. So let’s start with the first question: How old were you when you first started your blog–or at least the one I met you during–and what was it like then (what inspired you to create it, have you changed as a person since then, all that)?
Oh my goodness!! I had to think really hard about this, but I think I was 17 when I started my old blog, Hellolyndsey. It was such a new realm to me. I literally never had anything to do while I was sick with P.O.T.S., so I spent all day searching the internet. That’s when I found style bloggers and Youtubers and totally fell in love with them! Now that I think about it, I was SUCH a stalker because back then it was popular for people to post every day, so I could literally tell you the first blogger and Youtuber I fell in love with because I watched them.. every single day. Style Blogger: Rebecca from A Clothes Horse. Youtuber: DulceCandy87. Two totally different girls with completely different style, aesthetics, hobbies, everything. But that was just who I was too, and I didn’t realize that until this year. I started my blog after obsessing over those two for about 5 months. I would definitely say I was a much different person back then because I was young and going through my “punk” phase. I listened to hardcore music, went to shows, had Hello Kitty/Nightmare Before Christmas everything, and on top of that I had Ariel red hair. Can you imagine?? Hahaha. But my personality never changed. I’m still as goofy and friendly as I’ve ever been. Annnnnd I still tap into that music every once in awhile, especially when reunited with my older brother!

3. How has your blog changed since then?
Really, it has changed 100%. My life has changed SO much since then, so it only made sense for my blog to change with me. I have finally started growing into myself. Whenever someone asked about my style/blog/tastes or generally anything about me, I used to always say “I don’t really know. I’m searching for myself.” I believe that hitting rock-bottom forces you to look through the broken walls of your soul to find yourself. When I first started blogging, it was a way for me to escape my reality. I replicated the girls I wanted to be and talked about cute things. What people didn’t know was that I was extremely sick, had lost all of my friends, and was going through a divorce. I was lonely, sad, and heartbroken, but on my blog I was happy, stylish… normal. I did eventually reveal my true self after about 6 months of blogging like that, and it threw my readers off guard. It sounds so sad, but it’s true. I think that’s why I went through SO many changes on that blog because it never felt like it fit who I truly am.

4. Do you ever regret anything you’ve blogged–anything you’ve worn or personal things you’ve posted about?
Oh LAWD YES!! There are so many things I wish I didn’t post online, especially when it came to my personal affairs. Once it’s out there, it’s there forever. I remember this one particular outfit that was completely ridiculous, plus I tried milkmaid braids for the first time that same day (they looked SO awful I’m dying over here) and I wore it out to a Mother’s day dinner with my *entire family*. Now when I look back at those photos all I can see is the memory of that horrible outfit!!

5. How has your style changed over the years since you began beauty/fashion blogging?
I think I’ve always leaned towards being a feminine/romantic style blogger. I’m a sucker for earthy tones, as well as pink, polka dots, ruffles, glitter, sequins, and butterflies. I don’t think much has changed in that area, but my makeup? That game is in a whole new ballpark!! I have gone from knowing literally nothing to learning something new almost daily. My mom wasn’t around to teach me how to do anything that involves beauty because she always worked 2 jobs at a time, so everything I have learned is clearly self taught. It’s amazing to know where I’ve come from and how much I’ve grown.

6. What do you look for in a blogging best friend?
Honesty, super friendliness, and a sense of humor!

7. What’s something about me (Jennifer) that you didn’t know before or just a random fact about me that you know now?
I had no idea how funny and chill you are!! I have always gotten a “deep writer vibe” (is that a thing?) from your blog, which I love, but it was so crazy to see your personality as silly as mine! You know how to balance perfectly. Me on the other hand, I am giddy and naive all the time, which is probably why I am never taken seriously.

8. How did you find my blog all that time ago? Tell us what you remember of that love story!
I remember you commented on a few of my blog posts in one day and said you were also a Georgia blogger, plus I really loveddd your hair, so I clicked through! I just laughed so hard after typing that because I literally sound like such an airhead.

9. When we do finally get to hang out in person, what is your dream bbff (blogging best friend forever) date?
We will totally relive a 1990s sleepover!!! I’m seeing Disney movies, 40 pounds of junk food like Oreos and popcorn and ice cream, snuggly fluffy pajamas with princess slippers and a pillow fortress with lots of blankets. I.would.dieeeeee.

10. What has blogging taught you about others and yourself since you began?
I have finally learned that it’s not weird or abnormal that I will never fit into a certain category. It’s okay to just be who you really are because somebody, somewhere out there will really appreciate you for you! I also think that blogging has opened my eyes to just how many pushy, mouthy people there are. You have to have a strong grip onto your beliefs/morals because people are quick to try to tear you down for having them. At the same time, the internet is chock full of diamonds in the rough. You just have to do a bit of digging through the dirt to find them.

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