Almost every year for my birthday, I have written a birthday post. It’s that annual tradition that you feel bad for missing if you don’t do it as a blogger—like writing an obligatory Tweet or text to friends for any remembrance days/holidays. So today on my 25th birthday don’t be afraid to shower me in love. I can take it.

Instead, we are going to talk about what I have planned going forward. We’ve talked about a reflection of the past month and a tying up of loose ends. What we haven’t talked about though is how exactly we move forward.

The other day, I had a conversation with my boss about where I can go in my job from where I am presently. I’m not looking to leave my job or anxious to move up (at least, I’m not concerned with progression at this moment). I’ve been at this job for just under a year and a half, and it’s natural to be curious about these things. So, the day before my 25th birthday, I got a new daily planner. I honestly haven’t had one since I was in school, but I needed something to remind me that I am capable of doing so much more and capable of taking on heaps and bounds of work. I really just missed the bustle of the paper and school, and I missed feeling stronger for the larger amounts of work I took on during that period in my life. And with a new planner, I have a place to keep all of my to-do lists, meetings and life events/adventures neat and tidy—and well documented.

When I was still in school I had a planner that was practically falling apart at the binding because of the amount of times I would handle it in a day. There was color coordination with every highlighter I owned and writing on literally every line and margin that I could seemingly fit words. That planner was my lifeline to the rest of the world and my responsibilities. It kept me accountable. Most people are pretty digital in their planning, but I’ve found that the more frequently my phone notifications go off, the less likely I am to take notice. Maybe it’s my introversion, maybe it’s just an aversion to notifications-clutter (seriously I am constantly clearing out notifications of unread messages and alerts because it drives me crazy to have any alerts up at all), but I find myself growing pretty tired of my phone if too many texts and app alerts are going off at once. There have even been plenty of times I’ve completely disregarded a work-related calendar event because I had already spent the majority of that morning watching my phone light up from across the room and feeling my eyes roll into the back of my head. (None of this is applicable to all those birthday texts and Tweets I’m getting, though.)

It’s important to decompress people. But it’s also important to find a system that works best for you during those days, weeks, months that you can’t afford to decompress.

Phone notifications for literally everything isn’t something I like. It doesn’t make me feel important or cool, it just aggravates me and makes me contemplate turning my phone off for the entire day. While I love my phone and all that it does for me, it doesn’t make the notifications any easier to handle. A few days ago, I unintentionally—yet successfully—ignored just about every Tweet and text that came my way for 6 hours straight. (Horrible friend, I know.) So I’m reducing the clutter on my phone and putting my to-do lists somewhere familiar, cozy and traditional. And let me tell you, the amount of action items I already have littering the pages of this daily planner is astounding. I didn’t realize how much I had been putting off/forgetting about until I had a place to put it all and make myself do it. It’s a wonder I got anything done at all.

Year 25 is all about being a badass and getting shit done.

4 thoughts on “25.

  1. Happy birthday to you!

    I agree with your thoughts on planners! I love a good hold-in-my-hands paper planner and it's been too long since I've used one the way you've written here. It is a good reminder of everything else we can accomplish.

  2. 😀 I'm glad that my post could remind you of that. My next big goal is actually re-acclimating myself to making sure I complete everything in my planner before finishing off the day. 😀

  3. It's very true!

    There's something to be said for a calendar that will yell at you, though. I'm thinking of, in my cleaning out of petty notifications, changing up my alarms/ringtones so that they're fresher,and I pay more notice to them.

    I'm at that point now that whenever my alarm goes off, I sigh really hard. When I was in high school and college I had to change my alarm AT LEAST once a semester, otherwise I would get so used to hearing the noise that in rare worst case scenarios, I would sleep through them, or I would start to just hate the mornings so much it made getting ready that much harder.

    Except for the year, sophomore year of college, that i had “Circle of Life” from the Lion King wake me up each day. That was always a warm welcome.

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