Patience In/and Writing

The other day I got a sarcastic fortune cookie. What’s up with that?

Patience in writing… I don’t always have it. Sometimes I’ll come up with a “great idea” and never follow through. Sometimes I’ll write something and halfway through editing decide it’s not worth anymore effort. These are bad habits. I have to start believing in myself more, and I have to let the creative process play itself out. If a piece doesn’t come together right away, that’s fine. It’s all about the musing and refining.

Patience and writing. This, I have a bit more than the former. But it’s still hard. I officially have pieces submitted to four different publications (all four different pieces), and it’s still hard waiting to hear back. It’s hard knowing that a couple of those places get so many submissions that it might take them months to get to yours. It’s all about putting yourself out there and learning to keep writing while you wait.

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