Updates Are Fun

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Top of the cut TL;DR:

  1. I have submitted a piece about Animal Crossing to Pure Nintendo Magazine. I want to write more pieces in the future.
  2. I did more editing with my friend Savannah–an English major and journalism junkee like myself.
    1. The pieces edited are going to be sent into CreativeNonfiction.org and The Sun soon.
  3. I have several more pieces that I plan to finish writing and also submit to The Sun. Maybe even RiverLit. We’ll see.
  4. Writing writing writing.

Basically not a lot new, but still new things.

So, I have had a few works in progress for some time, and I’m hoping that they will come to life soon. Among these is a piece that I’m fairly confident is a good read that I submitted to Pure Nintendo Magazine (PNM). It’s about a video game series I have followed for the last 13 years religiously, Animal Crossing. I found out about PNM when I went on a desperate hunt for good Nintendo-based media. With Nintendo Power now retired, aside from some blogs and Nintendo Direct broadcasts, getting my Nintendo fix hasn’t been as easy. But I’ve been paying attention to PNM for the last 6 months and really love the content they cover as well as their Twitter presence–most of the writers and editors can be found geeking out regularly about something-Nintendo. It’s a pleasure to follow them. I sound like I’m gushing, but I’m really just appreciative.

After debating submitting pieces to the editors, one of my newest coworkers actually revealed that he writes for them regularly. This new friend has been encouraging me to write something, and I finally submitted the piece they seemed to stoked to read. The only regret I have is that I could have written about my topic for another 2,000 words, easy. But I had to make sure I kept to a few subjects so I don’t over-do it on my first one or bore the reader. Perhaps they will return some feedback about the piece that says they’re fine with me writing more? We’ll see what feedback I get. I’m anxious to hear back soon, but I also recognize that I only just sent it in this morning when my body randomly woke me up at 8:30 a.m. because sleep is clearly for the weak. As I’m writing this now, I am listening to the original soundtrack for “Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest.” That is easily in my top five favorite games of all time. But enough gushing about video games.

Aside from writing about pixelated animals, the other day my friend Savannah and I used our day off to go to a place we recently found that we love. It’s an organic place downtown that has delicious sandwiches. We setup at a table with our laptops, food, coffee from a nearby cafe we love, and our editorial best. She wrote, and I edited the pieces I had printed out with red-inked pens (just the way I was taught many professors before me). Looking so critically at my work was the most effective I’ve been as an editor with my own work in awhile. I managed to really break down what I plan on doing with these pieces. I suspect they’ll be ready to be submitting to The Sun Magazine, CreativeNonfiction.org and RiverLit within another week or so. Because the former requires physical submissions, I’m not sure when it will actually get to them, but I do plan on mailing the first piece I am submitting over the weekend.

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