A Busy Day Off


Sometimes, your days off can be a bit busier than you originally planned, but that’s okay. All-in-all, it was a good day.

Two nights ago my best friend, Melody, said she planned on going to a tea shop in the Square. I was shocked we hadn’t found this place before–we practically lived downtown. The Square was one of the reasons I am still in love with my hometown. McDonough, Ga., is one of the few places in America with its many ridiculous festivals that brings you just a bit closer to Stars Hollow, Connecticut. (If that’s your sort of thing–and it totally should be.)

Hearing her say that she was getting out of the house to write and focus on a few other goals that needed her undivided attention sounded like just what I could use, too. So, we made a plan, 3,000 miles apart, to meet in a cafe. The internet has a funny way of bringing us together.

This area is not short of places to get anything brewed–coffee, tea, beer. With that said, I had a few ideas in mind of where I could go. I decided to hop into a doughnut and coffee shop down a street full of other places to eat. What I find so interesting about this area of town is it is very much what I would imagine somewhere in New York being like–the bottom floor the pizza or doughnut place, the rest of the building is floors and floors of apartments. I find that so neat. It’s like watching an episode of Seinfeld or something. I’d love to live above the pizza place!

While there, Melody and I chatted on Skype chat while I wrote a bit, enjoyed a blueberry glazed doughnut and drank 16 ounces of the best pumpkin pie latte I have had in some time–made with pumpkin puree instead of just some pumpkin pie spice. Went down smooth. I stayed there for a few hours, enjoying talking with Melody and a day out of the house. Even when I had to rush back home before heading to work for a meeting, it was nice to have plans, even plans for myself.

If you have the time, I believe everyone should find some time, once a week, maybe twice a month if that’s not possible, to get out of the house and find a quiet place away from distractions to just write, draw or think. It’s more than worth it.


10 thoughts on “A Busy Day Off

  1. The town I live in now is very cute, but in a very big city meets smaller city sort of way. My hometown is a small town trapped in a big city, haha.

  2. What a cute way to talk to your friend! Your hometown sounds really nice. I've always wanted to visit a Stars Hallow like town.

  3. It's quite lovely. 🙂 The rest of the town is a bit bigger because it is in a metropolitan area of that state, but that downtown/square is so perfect. ❤

  4. First of all, your photos are amazing. Contact Microsoft and tell them to pay you for the fact you're including them so much (if you haven't already!) Seriously stunning.

    Secondly, awesome concept! I totally agree. Getting to bookstores or libraries is a lovely change from a home office or bed top. Hehe. AND I LOVE that you guys had a study date together, apart. Yay internet! ❤

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