I got the tour shirt, y’all! Suck it!

I found a message in the mail a couple of days ago that said a package was waiting in the office for us–so I pranced over, thinking it was another wedding gift–and found the tour shirt I ordered after the honeymoon. I’m so happy! These shirts sold so quickly. As far as designs go, this is by far her best designed merch she’s ever had–a lot of them have just been boxy/framed-off pictures of her smacked onto a shirt. This was actually designed well and makes one hell of a tour shirt.

I didn’t actually mention it here, and I realized that after I saw the shirt. This tour is Demi Lovato’s first, real tour since–I think–Unbroken, and it was a blast! After the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we drove down to Tampa, and Trey sat through the whole thing with me. He’s too sweet, honestly. I don’t know many guys that would do that. I got to see Fifth Harmony and Little Mix live, and they were both great. But I was really excited for Demi, obviously, and she delivered.

The whole thing just felt like a party! She did so many songs from the past six to seven years, that it was hard not to get excited.

This was my second time seeing her, and it was even better than my first show, last March (and that show was amazing). And I unexpectedly busted into tears during “Nightingale,” “Warrior” and “Skyscraper,” but I still sang my butt off the whole night and could barely talk at the end of it all. I think a lot of people have artists/bands who have helped them through stuff. Some people still think “Disney” when they think of Demi’s name, but they forget that she’s a 20-something now and she’s reaching out to people to help them. So, when people hear I like her, their initial reaction is to tease, but I’m sure they like something that I think is silly, too, so I try not to judge.

Demi’s a badass, and her tour was/is amazing!

***That final picture is actually one that I found online (I think Demi Tweeted it), so it’s in fact, not mine, but it’s badass, right?!***

6 thoughts on “NEON LIGHTS TOUR

  1. I have never been into her, but I love how excited you are! lol, that is how I was when I saw Weezer, it is always amazing to see the people you really love play live!

  2. Yes it is! Hahaha. Next time I see her, I'm determined to get the tickets as early as possible so I can get SUPER CHEAP floor seats right by her… Maybe even VIP so I can finally meet her and say “WASSUP” haha.

  3. I heard her tour was great! She's stopping by tomorrow or this weekend I believe for a show! That is definitely one badass T-shirt!!

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