Learning New Things in a New Place

I’m ashamed to say that originally moving here, I carried with me a lot of my Atlanta paranoia. I have no problem with large crowds or big cities like some people. I just don’t trust a lot of people. But in some of those heavily populated areas in Georgia there are constant break-ins and people going missing. I still love everything about being raised in Georgia, but the crime rate there isn’t exactly something to brag about. (It doesn’t help that my father is in law enforcement, so I get to hear about it more than others.)

I’m still a bit on my toes here, because I do like precaution, but it’s nice to be in a place where people keep to themselves. They’re worried about their business, not yours. We are the coffee and bicycle capital here–you just don’t get much more hipster and peaceful than that.

Oh, and the various breeds of cherry trees are blooming, too. Today was such a beautiful day.

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6 thoughts on “Learning New Things in a New Place

    I've lived in a small town all my life but I still get paranoia when I go to Dallas or Atlanta or NYC that I'm going to be mugged or attacked or kidnapped. I'm a super cautious person, haha.

  2. hahaha yeah the husband is from a small town (i'm from the metro-area, but i grew up in a mid-sized town dressed up as a small town, so i'm a mixture of all sorts), so he gets a little social anxiety from the big crowds of cities… but he's hardly as cautious as i am because he grew up in a town where everyone knew each other haha. he ain't scared of nothing. i'm learning from him.

  3. lol well i don't live in japan, we just have japanese cherry trees around here of different kinds… apparnetly years ago some guy brought them over lol.

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