Honeymooning in Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade was always that little village by my home–the home I knew through books and through movies. The Harry Potter experience was given a second chance to breathe life into a generation that may not otherwise be as deeply exposed to the series as I was, and for that, I am truly grateful.

(We got to see some Diagon Alley construction, as they gear up to create the Gringott’s addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.)

I remember a time when I dreamed of this moment. That I could experience the world within a world that I read about for years; the place I always escaped to; the place that I always wished I would be a part of. Like many children, I often forgot I was just as much a part of it as it was a part of me. For where would this world be without the ones who visited it so often and longed for more? We certainly wouldn’t be able to visit now as I have, and many others. There is so much to this world that I got to see firsthand; I’ll never forget this trip.

Some highlights to this trip included Moaning Myrtle moaning and whining in the bathroom while I tried to pee, having dinner at the Three Broomsticks, getting Luna Lovegood’s wand, getting a Ravenclaw stein, getting a Ravenclaw hat, getting a Ravenclaw journal–all three Ravenclaw things, of which, go with my Ravenclaw scarf that my friend Amber bought me as a graduation gift back in December–drinking butterbeer and pumpkin juice, and, well, everything. Just everything. 

Dare I say, it was magical.

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4 thoughts on “Honeymooning in Hogsmeade

  1. OMG!! I am so jelly!! I have been wanting to go to this ever since I heard of them building it! You are making me want to read all of the books, and watch all of the movies all over again!

  2. Girl! This is the greatest thing. Since Sara and I are the same person it makes sense that I also have literally dreamt of coming to Florida for this amazingness since it's fruition. *sigh* One day.

    You guys look so happy! Thanks for letting us in on your trip.

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