"Everything is sparkling with diamond light"

In a place where snow hardly falls, it’s a precious gift when it comes. I have always appreciated the snow, but sometimes, even in the south, I am alone. I hate people who sit there and gripe about others being happy to see snow. “In [insert northern place here] it snows even worse than this all the time, who cares!” some of my friends have said. Who cares if it has? Chances are the people acting like that have never seen it. We’re in the south, where it almost never snows. Why do we have to be deprived of happiness because you’re being a Scrooge?

“It’s not going to stick,” my father said. He’s always so dismissive of the snow. He never believes it will stick until it does. I always wish it will even if there is every sign it won’t. But that’s who I am, I guess–a hopeful fool. But as hopeful and foolish as I may be, I’m the one enjoying this pleasant gift and happy to see it here while others scramble to grocery stores while the roads are still safe to buy all of the bread and milk as if it’s a blizzard. “It’s just snow,” he said, and, for once, I agree.

The snow keeps piling on, and it’s so beautiful. When I move, I’ll probably see this more often, but I know I’ll be just as happy to see the snow as I always have been. Snow is just beautiful to me. The view from my window is bright and white and the snow just keeps falling. I can’t stop staring. I’m bound to be stuck like this all day. And to think I almost began to miss the spring. How could I possibly feel such a way when this is the first time this season I get to truly experience all that winter has to offer.

Today, I’m thankful for the chance to get to play in the snow. I’m thankful for the chance to spend time watching my dogs excitedly race through the yard and stare around just as amazed. I’m thankful for a warm house and hot cocoa to come back inside to when it’s just a bit too cold to stay out any longer. Today, I’m just thankful. For everything. I should do this more often.

14 thoughts on “"Everything is sparkling with diamond light"

  1. haha that's absolutely crazy to me, but i'm glad you love the snow despite that hectic amount. it makes me sad when people stop finding snow pretty anymore because they live in a place that gets a lot of it.

  2. I love winter. You've captured everything so beautifully here. I always get super excited about snow. I'm from Kansas, so we get the best of both worlds, super hot in summer and super cold in winter and we usually get 1 or 2 really good snows. Not constant, ginormous snows, but some do complain. Why?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your snow πŸ™‚

  3. You're welcome. πŸ™‚ IAnd thank you for reading and commenting! I actually can't stand really hot summers, myself, but I've never lived outside of a humid climate so maybe it wouldn't be as bad elsewhere?

  4. I seriously love everything detail about your thoughts. You're truly a beautiful soul. Snow is absolutely fascinating to me and I haven't hardly had time for social media because my inner child has burst out to play. I think we've gotten at least 4 inches here in Thomaston. It is BEAUTIFUL and I'll definitely upload photos soon! Im laying in bed now dreaming of making a snowman tomorrow. I love when life reminds you it's okay to be a kid again.

  5. Jennifer,
    I loved this post! You're so spot on. Snow is still an amazing phenomenon to me as well. I don't understand how anyone can be so dismissive over something that's so gorgeous. And you captured it wonderfully! πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful photos Jennifer! I love the snow. I could care less how much we get dumped on, because it is just beautiful to me. Where are you moving too? I hope you get lots of snow next winter.

  7. Haha yeah playing in it and watching my dogs play in it was the best. I even grabbed our cat Sammy and walked outside while it was snowing. He had this look on his face like he was so confused. It was hilarious. By the middle of the snow, we ended up with about four inches, as well, but these pictures were earlier on. I'll be posting more today.

  8. Beautiful post. The pictures are lovely. I am originally from Georgia, so I totally understand being excited about snow. I currently live in Missouri and we get a couple of solid snow storms a year and I still think it's magical.

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