High School is a Roller Coaster: A reflection of the four year ride

(As previously published in Ola High School’s, The Stang.)

I am going to miss the loud voices reverberating off of the walls, the people clogging the hallways and keeping me from my second period class, couples coupling at convenient corners and then at separate corners with their new partners a week later, and the food that always kept me bloated leaving my self-esteem at a record low when I had to move up a dress size for prom. If only I had gotten more than one year here, I could have experienced everything that my friends still reminisce about at lunch—just once I would like to grimace about past teachers and students that made their lives a living hell. And despite all of these negative aspects to high school, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

Coming from Henry County High, I expected the dynamic to be different. By the end of my junior year, the rising seniors at HCHS rounded off to maybe 250 students, and the school was hardly funded enough for any of the extracurricular activities that they wished to house—even our school newspaper was some copier paper stapled together. Despite all of this, that place was my home, and newspaper class was the best time of the day, thanks to our great sponsor, editor, and writers that made up one twisted family.

However, school did not always feel like home when my friends were sent to Ola after freshman year. And when my mother passed in tenth grade, I was beside myself. Many of my friends that remained at HCHS had seen me go through an emotional rollercoaster, and knowing that I had embarrassed myself in front of those people on more than one occasion made me feel insecure. Apparently, losing a parent does not always bring out the best in people. I found myself breaking down at random moments in class, and my peers and I were unsure of what to do to make the outbreaks stop or comfort me. But my friends from Ola reassured me that they were still around if I needed them, and made me feel more secure even with the distance between us. So, in the spring of my junior year, when my father remarried to a teacher, I knew that the best way to spend my senior year would to be with those friends that I have had for years.

I have definitely enjoyed spending my final year of high school as a Mustang, and making more memories with the small group of friends that I know will be with me beyond graduation. I appreciate everyone who has befriended me, even if for a small amount of time this year. You all have made the countdown to graduation easier.

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