I am a Southern born and raised woman who loves reading, writing, dabbling in art and drinking lots and lots of tea.
I experiment with all types of art – from acrylic paint to graphic design. I work both on commission and for my own personal pleasure and needs. Along with art and writing I co-host two podcasts. I am living the dream of worker by day and new media creator, editor, writer and producer by night.
Catch me on the couch in a comfy sweater drinking a strong tea next to candles that smell like honeysuckle year ’round.



Femme Trash – Podcast

Femme Trash is a podcast between Melody Boggs and Jennifer Sheffield. The two are best friends of almost 20 years, connecting over their love of each other and their love of entertainment! In this biweekly podcast, both women swap stories about their day, their creative endeavors and what they’ve been consuming – from anime to video games. (Now featuring a book club!)


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Within Walking Distance – Podcast

Within Walking Distance is hosted by Ariel and Jennifer. Akin to “slice-of-life”, these two long-distance best friends enjoy a good cup of tea, coffee or wine, and catch up with each other! The podcast covers current events, pop culture, and stories about where they live in Washington and Georgia. And each monthly episode is accompanied by an Instagram visual of those local adventures!



Thyme & Again

Thyme & Again is my attempt at food blogging. It’s complete with my own attempts at culinary genius, food reviews and posts about new things I’ve learned in the world of cuisine! Follow my adventure on the blog and its accompanied Instagram.